Boards & Committees Rosters

Many Academy Fellows give generously of their time and expertise to ensure the success of Academy programs. The following lists all Academy boards and committees for the term July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. If you would like to serve on an Academy board or committee, please email the Academy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Board of Governors
Michele Swanson (’17), Chair
Martin J. Blaser (‘15)
Donald Bryant (‘15)
Terence Dermody (’17)
Stanley Fields (’16)
Gerry Fink (’16)
Susan Gottesman (’15)
Diane E. Griffin (’14)
James M. Hughes (‘15)
Steven E. Lindow (‘14)
Margaret J. McFall-Ngai (‘17)
Mary Ann Moran (’17)
Graham Walker (’16)
Joseph M. Campos (ex officio)
Timothy Donohue (ex officio)
Michael Goldberg (ex officio)
Marina Moses (ex officio)
BOG Nominating Committee
Martin J. Blaser (’14)
Margaret Riley (’14)
Stephen Giovannoni (’14)
Diane Newman (’14)
Committee on Diversity
Henry N. Williams (’15), Chair
Adolfo Garcia-Sastre (’15)
Guy R. Lanza (’15)
Vacant, TBD
Vacant, TBD
Marina Moses (ex officio)
Valencia Waller (ex officio) 
Maureen Wright (‘14), Chair, UMC (ex officio)
Committee on Elections
George Weinstock, Chair (’18)
Karen Bush (’18)
Thomas R. Fritsche (’16)
N. Louise Glass (’15)
Joseph Heitman (’17)
William W. Metcalf (’18)
Virginia Miller (’17)
Karen Nelson (’17)
William Petri (’17)
Vincent R. Racaniello (’16)
Lutegarde Raskin (’17)
Marilyn C. Roberts (’15)
Craig Roy (’18)
Howard A. Shuman (’16)
Anna Marie Skalka (’16)
Gisela Storz (’18)
Sharon M. Wahl (’15)
Marina Moses (ex officio)
Valencia Waller (ex officio)
Committee on Awards
Edward Ruby (’17), Chair
TBD, GMPC Liaison 
Joanna B. Goldberg (’17)
Kit Pogliano (’16)
Robin Patel (’17), ICAAC Liaison
Gary W. Procop (’16)
Thomas M. Schmidt (‘15)
Judy D. Wall (’16)
Judith Berman (‘17)
Eric Ruben (’17)
Marina Moses (ex officio)
Valencia Waller (ex officio)
ASM Lifetime Achievement Award (sponsored by AbbVie) Selection Committee
John A.T. Young (’15), Chair
Judy A. Daly (’15)
Daniel C. DiMaio (’16)
Stanley R. Maloy (’16)
Charles Turnbough (’15)
ASM Lifetime Achievement Award (sponsored by AbbVie) Nominations Committee
Jonathan Beckwith (’15)
Sallie W. Chisholm (’15)
Lucy E. Shapiro (’15)
Abbott Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology Award Selection Committee
Nahed Ismail (’15), Chair, Div. V
Moon H. Nahm (’15), Councilor, Division V
Vacant, TBD (’15), AAM Representative
Sandra Steiner (’15), Chair-Elect, Div. V
Deshratn Asthana (’15), Past Councilor, Div. V
Abbott Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology Award Nominations Committee
Steven Holland (’16)
Susan Orton (’16)
Craig Roy (’15)
ASM Founders Award Selection Committee
Michael P. Doyle (’15), Chair
Kenneth I. Berns (’15)
Joseph M. Campos (’15)
R. John Collier (’15)
Noel R. Rose (’15)
ASM Founders Award Nominations Committee
James M. Tiedje (’14)
Gail W. Wertz (’15)
Vacant, TBD
ASM Graduate Microbiology Teaching Award Selection Committee
Chris Whitfield (’15), Chair
Colleen M. Cavanaugh (’15)
Saul Silverstein (’15)
Vanessa Sperandio (’16) 
Juergen K.W. Wiegel (’15)
ASM Graduate Microbiology Teaching Award Nominations Committee
Michael D. Lairmore (’16)
Alfred Spormann (’16)
Robert Goodman (’16)
BD Award in Clinical Microbiology Selection Committee
Susan Sharp (’15), Chair, Div. C
Sheldon M. Campbell (’15), Councilor, Div. C
David W. Craft (’15), Chair-Elect, Div. C
Michael Pfaller (’15), AAM Representative
Alison Weiss (’16), AAM Representative
BD Award in Clinical Microbiology Nominations Committee
Glenda Gray (’16)
Clyde Thornsberry (’16)
Michael Wilson (’15)
bioMérieux Sonnenwirth Award Selection Committee
Susan Sharp (’15), Chair, Div. C
Beth Marlowe (’16), AAM Representative
David W. Craft (’15), Chair-Elect, Div. C
Alice S. Weissfeld (’15), AAM Representative
bioMérieux Sonnenwirth Award Nominations Committee
Carey-Ann Burnham (’16)
James J. Dunn (’15)
Thomas J. Novicki (’15)
Carski Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award Selection Committee 
Laurie F. Caslake (’15), Chair, Div. W
Graham C. Walker (’15), AAM Representative
Jennifer Herzog (’15), Chair-Elect, Div. W
Robert W. Bauman (’15), Councilor, Division W
Robert Dorit (’14), AAM Representative
Carski Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award Nominations Committee
Jeffrey Pommerville (’15)
Brooke Jude (’16)
Vacant, TBD
Cubist-ICAAC Award Selection Committee
Robin Patel (Dec. ’14), Chair
Laurent Kaiser (Dec. ’14)
John Perfect (Dec. ’14)
Keith A. Rodvold (Dec. ’14)
Shiranee Sriskandan (Dec. ’14)
Cubist-ICAAC Award Nominations Committee
Stephen A. Lerner (’15)
William Shafer (’16)
Keith Klugman (’15)
Eli Lilly and Company-Elanco Research Award Selection Committee
Michael J. Buchmeier (’15), Chair
Angelika Amon (’15)
Alice S. Huang (’15)
Scott J. Hultgren (’15)
John J. Monaco (’15)
Eli Lilly and Company- Elanco Research Award Nominations Committee
Peter M. Howley (’15)
Trish Kiley (’15)
Charles E. Samuel (’15)
EMD Millipore Alice C. Evans Award Selection Committee
Hazel A. Barton (’15), Chair
Susan T. Bagley (’15)
Anne-Marie B. Blancquaert (’16)
Gracila Brelles-Marino (’15)
Millicent Goldschmidt (’15)
Martha M. Howe (’15)
Tamara L. Johnson (’16)
Melanie Mormile (’15)
EMD Millipore Alice C. Evans Award Nominations Committee
Maria Dominguez-Bello (’16)
Alison Gammie (’16)
Kathrine Spindler (’16)
Gen-Probe Joseph Public Health Award Selection Committee
Joanne Bartkus (’15), Chair, Div. Y
Jerry Abramson (’15), AAM Representative
J. Glenn Morris, Jr. (’16)
Denise A. Pettit (’15), Councilor, Div. Y
Bala Swaminathan (’15), AAM Representative
Susanne Z. Norris (’15), Chair-Elect, Div. Y
Gen-Probe Joseph Public Health Award Nominations Committee
Jeanne Jordan (’15)
John C. Ridderhof (’15)
Salim Abdool Karim (‘16)
GlaxoSmithKline International Member of the Year Award Selection Committee
Rino Rappuoli (’15), Chair
Edmundo Calva (’15), International Representative
Charles J. Dorman (’15), AAM Representative
Diane E. Griffin (’15), AAM Representative
GlaxoSmithKline International Member of the Year Award Nominations Committee
Roger Glass (’15)
Daniel O. Sordelli (’15)
Karl A. Western (’15)
Hardy Diagnostics ABMM/ABMLI Professional Recognition Award Selection Committee
Deanna L. Kiska (’15), Chair, ABMM
John Schmitz, Chair, ABMLI
Marie B. Coyle (’15), AAM Representative 
Susan E. Sharp (’15), ABMM Vice Chair
Richard B. Thomson, Jr. (’15) Dean, American College of Microbiology
Hardy Diagnostics ABMM/ABMLI Professional Recognition Award Nominations Committee 
Timothy J. Cleary (’15)
Sandra S. Richter (’15)
Michael A. Saubolle (’15)
Maurice Hilleman/Merck Award Selection Committee
Connie Schmaljohn (’15), Chair
Ann M. Arvin (’15)
Donald Burke (’15)
Gagandeep Kang (’15)
Timothy F. Murphy (’15)
Steven J. Projan (’15)
Maurice Hilleman/Merck Award Nominations Committee
Randall K. Holmes (’15)
Yvonne Paterson (’15)
Vladimir Vonka (’15)
William A. Hinton Research Training Award Selection Committee
Gerald B. Pier (’15, Chair
Carolyn Brooks (’15)
Stanley Perlman (’15)
Terry Ann Krulwich (’15)
Jizhong Zhou (’15)
William A. Hinton Research Training Award Nominations Committee
Renato J. Aguilera (’15)
Myron S. Cohen  (’16)
Mary Sanchez Lanier (’15)
ICAAC Young Investigator Award Selection Committee 
Michael John Pucci (Dec. ’14), Chair
Oliver A. Cornely (Dec. ’14)
Stephen G. Jenkins (Dec. ’14)
Lucia M. Teixeira (Dec. ’14)

Merck Irving S. Sigal Memorial Young Investigator Award Selection Committee
Mervyn J. Bibb (’15), Chair
Kuan‐Teh Jeang (’16)
Xiang‐Jin Meng (’15)
Victor Nizet (’15)
Jeremy W. Thorner (’16)
Merck Irving S. Sigal Memorial Young Investigator Award Nominations Committee
Felipe C. Cabello (’15)
Roselyn J. Eisenberg (’15)
Kathleen Treseder (’15)
Dupont Industrial Biosciences Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology Selection Committee 
Edna S. Kaneshiro (’15), Chair
E. Virginia Armbrust (’15)
J. William Costerton (’15)
Katrina J. Edwards (’15)
Lily Y. Young (’15)
Dupont Industrial Biosciences Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology Nominations Committee
Norman R. Pace (’15)
Markus Ribbe (’15)
Vacant, TBD
Promega Biotechnology Research Award Selection Committee 
Claire M. Fraser (’15), Chair
Thomas E. Cleveland (’15)
Steve Van Dien (’16) 
Stephen H. Leppla (’15)
Jens Nielsen (’16)
Promega Biotechnology Research Award Nominations Committee
David Botstein (’15)
Melanie T. Cushion (’15)
Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera (’15)
Raymond W. Sarber Award Selection Committee
Jeffrey M. Becker (’15), Chair
Carol D. Blair (’15)
Anthony P. Bretscher (’15)
James E. Crowe, Jr. (’15)
Deborah M. Hinton  (’15)
Moselio Schaechter Distinguished Service Award (GSK) Selection Committee
Steven Specter (’15), Chair, Int. Board Chair
Edmundo Calva (’15), Global Engagement Chair
Fernando C. Soncini (’15), Ambassador Caucus Chair
Leonard F. Peruski (’16)
Moselio Schaechter Distinguished Service Award (GSK) Nominations Committee
Yara M. Traub-Cseko (’14)
Vacant, TBD
Vacant, TBD
Scherago-Rubin Award Selection Committee
Janet F. Hindler (’15), Chair
Barbara-Brown-Elliot (’16)
Susan M. Harrington (’15)
Robin Patel (’16)
Scherago-Rubin Award Nominations Committee
Brent Barrett (’16)
Amy Leber (’15)
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Young Investigator Award Selection Committee
Paul A. Granato (’15), Chair
Richard L. Hodinka (’15)
Irving Nachamkin (’15)
Susan M. Orton (’15)
Paula Revell (’15)
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Young Investigator Award Nominations Committee
Pattarachai Kiratisin (’16)
Patrick R. Murray (’15)
Vacant, TBD
USFCC/J. Roger Porter Award Selection Committee
Micah I. Krichevsky (’15), Chair, USFCC President
Hazel A. Barton (’15)
Barry R. Bochner (’15)
D. Jay Grimes (’15)
Bette T. Korber (’15), AAM Representative
USFCC/J. Roger Porter Award Nominations Committee
Tyrrell Conway(’16)
Stephen Giovannoni (’15)
Amy Rossman (’16)
D.C. White Research and Mentoring Award Selection Committee
Timothy E. Ford (’15), Chair
Farooq Azam (’16)
Jonathan Eisen (’15)
Kenneth H. Nealson (’15)
Joy Peterson (’16)
D.C. White Research and Mentoring Award Nominations Committee
Patricia Conrad (’16)
Thomas J. Silhavy (’15)
Vacant, TBD