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The American Academy of Microbiology regularly convenes colloquia on issues of critical importance in microbiology and publishes scientifically grounded reports that provide expert advice and practical recommendations.  Each colloquium brings together an invited group of scientists, chosen by their diverse expertise in the field being considered, for structured, directed deliberations.  The discussions at the colloquium serve as the foundation of the resulting report.  The FAQ program is a series of “mini-colloquia” whose goal is to provide science-based information about topics in the news in which microbes play an important role. The reports are based on the deliberations of a streamlined one-day gathering to develop clear answers to questions about the topic.  After all colloquia reports are drafted, they are reviewed thoroughly by the steering committee and participants, who all deliver comments that are incorporated into the final report. These non-technical scientifically vetted reports are written for a general audience.

Information in colloquia reports should be considered a part of an evolving framework of knowledge dependent on data available at the time of the specific colloquium.

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